Why museums are “boring”

Feb 04, 2017

As we know, the image that usually some people in our society have about the museums is like a boring,elitist non funny space that at is not usually attractive to go to visit.

aburridoOur work as educators must be to generate a good experience, making easy the learning avoinding that for ours visitors this visit being tedious.

However many times unconsciously we emphasize that image.

One of the ideas I learned during my stay at Bata Shoe Museum is that when it comes to explaining the museum’s rules, avoid imposing them through denial, since that attitude generates a rejection of where we are going to visit.

Remember that the museum usually go on excursion, outside the school and the routine, it is a moment of leisure and that therefore we try to enjoy to the maximum the time that we are in its interior.

That is why I recommend reviewing the rules through other methods, explaining what happens inside the museum, representing it with games or as we consider more effective. As soon we  start to change the boring image of the museum the better the experience and therefore the more likely it is that they want to repeat.

Alvaro Juanas Fominaya Museum’s Educator. Master’s Degree in Museum Sciences, Education and Communication. University of Saragossa.

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