Pioneers of literary adventure

In the National Library of Madrid

“The Masters in Museums is one of the great values ​​of Huesca”

Inauguration of the new course in the Masters in Museums

Mythographies. Myths in privacy

Didark runs educational workshops

Cézanne in Budapest

A hundred paintings, watercolors and drawings of the master

The Etruscans in Zaragoza

Lectures, 19 to 22 November

The Treasure of the barbarians at the MARQ

Until the end of October

Congress Tarraco Biennal and Alföldy

It is projected AVE SALVE, Tarragona Museum work

Virtual Congress on Women’s History

15 al 31 de octubre de 2012

Congress on Museums in Education

In the Thyssen Museum

Eating the forbidden fruit

Colloquium about the role of women in knowledge and creation throughout History