My experience at Bata Shoe Museum

Nov 27, 2016

The Bata Shoe Museum is the biggest museum dedicated to footwear in all North America.

Located in a good place of the city of Toronto, the collection with more than 14,000 shoes is the result of the continuous acquisition of Sonja Bata, wife of Thomas Bata, owner of the footwear company Bata, who since the 1940s began to buy shoes Throughout the world to know the best footwear and thus be able to design new shoes for the company.

That is why, after years of collecting in 1992 she made a first temporary exhibition and in 1994 began the works of the museum, designed by Raymond Moriyama opening its doors in May of 1995.

Inside they have 4 floors of exhibitions divided in 5 galleries, two semipermanents and three other temps, as its director Emanuelle Lepri says “they do not only talk about footwear, they talk about people who wear footwear”, That is the reaso why at Bata Shoe Museum you can know not only about the history of footwear, they also talk about  things such as gender identity, roles, the relationship of footwear with concepts of religion or social status and have a special interest in the knowledge of the Shoes and customs of the natives of North America.

In education, the museum has 2 workers who design activities and coordinate a large group of volunteers trained perfectly in the collection and their curricular links that carry them out and on weekends the museum has a series of activities to do The more enjoyable the visit to the little ones, from being able to try on shoes, hands on touch  part of the collection perform some workshops for themselves or play the spy in each of the galleries.

As for the communication of the Shoe Museum Bata is very active in social media, in addition to renting their spaces for a multitude of events, from weddings to presentations making this museum and meeting point in the city of Toronto the best known.In addition to the museum it collaborates with multitude of events of the city, from the Open Street Toronto, the Annex Family Fest   or the Santa Claus Parade

Without doubt the Bata Shoe Museum is a place that did not leave indifferent