My experience at Bata Shoe Museum

Jan 17, 2017

As intern of the ARGO mobility program I had the pleasure of working at  Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto.

At the beginning my offert was as curaturial assistant but I had the liking of working in different projects and departments as Education, customer services and shop, also I participated in every event that happened with the Museum.

IMG_20160527_212146The first project that I performed was some visits to other museums and galleries as ROM, Art Gallery of Ontario where, under my profesional perspective I tested some museography elements as the text, the lights or the interest that these had aroused in me, with this project I could see the different museums of Toronto with other eyes.

After that I was review about the world of Shoemaker tools to make new labels and where my ideas to do more interactive labels were acepted. Also I did some works translating text  and reviews from Spanish to English to understand better the Spanish world of shoes and shoemakers.

During this time I had the pleasure to do another review about comparative between museums with a number of visitors similar to Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto and the province of Ontario, this review was so great because I discovered the dark side of other great museums as Gardiner Museum or Power Plant Museum..

Likewise, as it should be I was working my facet as Museum educator, starting following tours with different groups (Adults or School groups), particiapated in summer activities and in September the museum offert me the course to be a docent, learning about the collection and the links with the curricular contents and I designed some didactic resources and crafts.

With all of these things, my experience during 6 months was so great and from here I recomend to all the future museum educators and students of this Master Degree to think doing any practice, earn a grant or anything out of Spain, to improve your experience, and discover how works out of our borders, for sure will be a great experience.

Alvaro Juanas Fominaya Museum’s Educator. Master’s Degree in Museum Sciences, Education and Communication. University of Saragossa.