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Neck Dinosaur more than fifteen feet

One of the largest sauropods found in the Spanish Pyrenees

Brosmind Universe

The very stamp of his life story is in every one of his speeches

SIAI III Madrid 2014, a door open to the inclusion

Do not look at the disabilities of people, think about their potential

Heritage society and human sense: a different approach from the inclusion

What social view will guide our approach?

Meeting heritage for youth: An Interview with Pilar Martinez

“The media gives a picture of a country only corrupt”

Contemporary art and the educational possibilities of poetic discourses

Exhibition at the Museum La Panera, Lleida, Spain

Museum accessible. A view from outside

…. and what do you think?

Juana Francés, close but unknown

(Español) Artículo de una antigua alumna del Máster en Museos de Zaragoza, María Barriga Cortés

El Greco, accessible guide to key visuals

(Español) ARASAAC en la Guía con motivo del IV Centenario del fallecimiento de El Greco

The letter of a Roman soldier in Egypt

“I pray day and night for you to have good health …”