Administrative information

Program Year 2023-2024

Main data
Dates & timetable
Academic stages
Main data

Degree Master’s Degree in Museum Sciences, Education and Communication. University of Saragossa
Aimed at Participants must show proof of either having obtained a university official degree, or a foreign equivalence. Professionals of Museology and Museography. Monitors and Managers of culture and leisure.
Location Huesca Campus (see Location&Contact)
Fees 2.500 €
Duration 9 months / 1500 h / 60 credits ECTS.

Dates & timetable

  • Enrollment: from 20th June until 19th October 2023. On line
  • Registration: from 20th October to 20th November, 2023. On line
  • Course date: from 10th January to 27th May 2024
  • Timetable: Monday to Friday, from 16.30 h. to 20.30 h.; sometimes 9 to 13 h
  • Internship Training and Practice Report: minimum 300 hours, maximum 500 hours, between June and December 2024
  • The Research Project (TFM): can be submitted on two dates optionally chosen all along the course: up to 15th January and to 15th May 2025


It is a requirement for admission to possess a University Degree and have good knowledge of Spanish. A minimum of 10 participants are to be admitted. In order to pre-register, please visit the web site

Academic stages

On-site learning/ distance learning

  • Lectures
  • Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Discussions, Tutorials
  • Working visits scheduled at museums and specialized centers

Non-attending Period

  • Museum Practices
  • Research Project (TFM)



Financial aids for students from Latin America

Financial aid options are available to program degree candidates from abroad, mainly those from Latin America and Puerto Rico, USA.

For the 2021-2022 academic year are offered two grants to fund 50% of the enrollment, who will pay 1.647,50 €.

The candidate must demonstrate not getting any scholarship or grant from another entity for the same studies.

It required proof of nationality and habitual residence outside of Spain. It is a requirement mastering Spanish language.

To access these scholarships the applicant formalize pre-registration. Selection of applicants is by academic record and curriculum.

Grants for university graduates in an unemployment situation

Scholarships for graduates who enroll in a Masters Degree. It is mandatory to have a degree that gives access to master and to be in an unemployment situation.