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The Textile Museum of Iglesuela del Cid

Last bastion of work looms in Aragon

(Español) Gaudí al completo

(Español) Una exposición muestra en Valladolid la evolución del gran arquitecto catalán.

Turbulent times in the Maestrazgo

The work at museums of an educator in Museums

Living on the Border

A work of the Master has led to an exhibition at Cantavieja

“Luminescence” and “Kingdoms of the Sun and the Moon”

The result of a collaboration between the MOA and the Patronato Plata del Peru

Life and death Pompeii and Herculaneum

Exhibition at the British Museum until September 2013

Pioneers of literary adventure

In the National Library of Madrid

Feminist genealogies in Spanish Art

Sexual identities in the Spanish artistic production

The latest Rafael, in the Prado

Exhibition dedicated to the last years of the most influential painter in Western art

Expressionism of Kirchner

130 works by German artist make up a sample of the Mapfre Foundation