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The wonderful journey of Liborio, my project for the Master Degree

A dissertation project that has managed to become a reality

(Español) El Máster de Museos en el Museo de Minerales Rosa Molás

Descubriendo las posibilidades didácticas de un museo de minerales

Discovering the world of Ethnology

The students enjoyed a visit to two of the sections of the Museum of Zaragoza

A great internship in the Würth Museum

Rewarding experience during their internship at the Würth

Investigating heritage in the territory

Close collaboration between the region and the Master Degree

A journey to the past looking for the Celts

The design of educational programming for Segeda Archaeological Zone

The School of Restoration of Huesca

A first approach to the intricacies of restoration

Fellowships at MNCARS

Supporting research and participation in the Museum

Workshops at the Institute Pablo Serrano of Contemporary Arts

A visit to learn about museum didactics in Zaragoza

The musical: from Mozart to Broadway

Students of the Master work as museum educators in an exhibition by Ibercaja