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A great internship in the Würth Museum

Rewarding experience during their internship at the Würth

A great experience at Espacio 0.42

Students of the Master knew the intricacies of the new observatory

(Español) Gaudí al completo

(Español) Una exposición muestra en Valladolid la evolución del gran arquitecto catalán.

Kingdom of Salt. 7,000 years of history of Hallstatt at the MARQ

The most famous salt mines in Europe are exhibited in the Museum of Alicante

(Español) Sumergida en la memoria de Andalucía

(Español) Una gran experiencia de prácticas en el Museo CajaGranada Memoria de Andalucía

Living on the Border

A work of the Master has led to an exhibition at Cantavieja

Fellowships at MNCARS

Supporting research and participation in the Museum

Women in museology? Protagonists of something?

A monograph of the Institute for Research on Women at UCM

Feminist agency and empowerment in visual arts

Publication of the proceedings of the Symposium in pdf format

Museums in feminine

Museos del Prado, Reina Sofía y González Martí