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Why to do an internship training?

Practical experience is a vital part of the training of the Master

Discovering the Romantic Museum

From working in the museum you immerse in the nineteenth

The two hundred best Master Degree

Training and employment

Heritage Museum and didactics

Journal of Cultural Heritage of Spain, 5

“Luminescence” and “Kingdoms of the Sun and the Moon”

The result of a collaboration between the MOA and the Patronato Plata del Peru

An ephemeral museum canned, in the Würth Museum

Tool to approach trends as conceptual art, or visual poetry

(Español) El esplendor del Renacimiento en Aragón

(Español) Materiales didácticos, producto del trabajo del Museo de Zaragoza

The musical: from Mozart to Broadway

Students of the Master work as museum educators in an exhibition by Ibercaja

(Español) Las religiones dividen, los museos forman

(Español) Reflexiones de Neil MacGregor, director del British Museum

The secrets of the Museo Pedagógico de Aragón

(Español) En Huesca 18 de abril